Life Stories

At Audiotech, we improve the quality of life for more than 200 Mexicans who visit us daily, solving with quality, professionalism and warmth, all types of hearing problems. We are part of a great chain that joins us to good stories and we want to share them with you.

Alejandro received the best gift of father's day, to listen to his family again.

Alejandro like many parents enjoys listening to their children and their grandchildren, before he could not hear them due to a hearing problem that caused a noisy work environment.

Gilberto has been a nurse for several years, his auditory problem developed since childhood and fortunately still had a solution.

Gilberto since childhood developed a hearing problem and for not treating it in time the problem became bigger, fortunately his hearing problem could be solved thanks to an auxiliary and now his quality of life improved


Yael is a shy child but eager to learn, his hearing problem has not allowed him to communicate normally with other children.

It makes us very happy to change the lives of boys and big boys, but when the eyes of a little boy light up we know that all our work is worth it. Let's know the story of Yael, a shy child but eager to hear the sounds of life, always accompanies his pope to work with much emotion